Who Should I (or My Business) Be on Threads? Should You Tweak Personal Branding for the New Platform?

Meta has an answer to Twitter, and it’s Threads. The social media conglomerate launched Threads in July, and the platform amassed 100 million users in just five days.

If you’re a brand looking to hop on the Threads train sooner rather than later, you’re likely wondering what your leveraging of the app should look like. 

Specifically, who should your brand be on Threads and should you tweak your personal branding? What kind of content are users posting and engaging with, and what type of personality shines on the platform?

Threads is still relatively new, and there’s still time for the app’s overall vibe to develop and change, but here’s what we know so far.  

What is Threads?

Threads is Meta’s answer to Twitter (now recently rebranded to X). Threads is an app for Instagram users to post threads, reply to other users, and follow profiles. Posts and replies can include links, videos, photos, or any combination. 

Once you sign up for Threads, you can import all of your followers from Instagram as followers on Thread. From a branding perspective, the import is helpful because you can seamlessly move most of your audience from Instagram to Threads. 

What Makes Threads Different from X 

Unlike X, Threads does not have hashtags, direct messaging, or a “For You” page that shows recommended content. Like X, Threads is a micro-blogging platform allowing text posts and replies.

However, posts or updates on Threads can include up to 500 characters, while X only allows 280. 

For now, Threads is free and requires no in-app purchases or upgrades. 

How are brands using Threads?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg says the vision for Threads is “to create an open and friendly public space for conversation.” Furthermore, a post from the official Threads account says the platform will “foster a positive and creative space” for users. 

The sentiments seem to influence the content brands are posting to the app. For example, Coca-Cola’s Threads account shares lighthearted jokes, memes, and icebreakers.

Retail company Anthropologie uses its Threads account to share photos of influencers and consumer wearing its apparel. It also communicates and shares jokes with other brands.

The vibe of Anthropologie, and many other brands on the app, is personable, casual, relatable, and fun.

Content creators are also enjoying the more personable aspect of the app. Food YouTuber Inga Lam told Forbes, “I feel like the energy I was getting was very much like you’re on a giant group chat, and everyone’s excited to meet everyone.” 

For example, Content creator Jade Beason of HubSpot’s creator network often posts casually about her daily happenings, passing thoughts, and experience content creating.

She also posts questions to spark engagement with her audience.

Who should your brand be on Threads?

Threads is still in its infancy, so it’s hard to predict what kind of content will thrive on the app in the long run. Focus on making your brand more relatable and human since that content and personality seems to do well on the app. 

I encourage brands to post lighthearted, funny, and relatable content. Brands should also promote engagement from their followers and foster community by liking, reposting, and replying to relevant content from their audiences. 

And don’t be afraid to engage with, repost, or reply to content from influencers or brands that are relevant to your niche. Doing so can lead to networking and collaborating with entities who can introduce your business to a wider audience.

Experiment with posting videos, graphics, photos, and text posts. Threads allows users to post various media on its platform, so why not take advantage and diversify your content?

There’s no telling if Threads is here to stay or if it will fade as a passing trend. However, it doesn’t hurt to hop on the app and experiment with different strategies to see if it can expand your social media presence. 

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